Selected Work


This geometric work started out as quilts based on my find at my grandmother’s house after she died. There was a lovely blue and white quilt, maybe the first one she made, on an old iron bed in the attic. It had obviously been used; one end of it was rotten from sun damage. Fabrics have always been in my life. Beginning at an early age I was making primitive doll clothes out of my mother’s fabric scraps, and, later in grade school, I started sewing many of my own clothes.

The early “quilts” were based on the log cabin pattern, because it’s one of my favorites. My choice was also an acknowledgement that part of my grandmother’s house was a log cabin. The pattern reminds me of gardens and aerial views. I am not a gardener’s gardener. Every bloom is a success. Every success is a surprise. Every surprise, a joy. And so it goes with each artwork.

The geometric work is quilt-like in that each artwork is a memory made up of seven pieces which could be fabrics, either based on real fabrics or ones I have designed which remind me of a person, event or place. These memories go back to age two. My memories are very vivid; they are not based on photographs.

These pieces are made of handmade felt (wet-felting) with cotton or wool stitching. Each series of seven is one-of-a-kind. All felt work and frames are made by the artist. Each artwork is 14” square in an 18” wood frame (Plexiglas). They may be purchased separately.

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